Panorama of Alibaba data center

Ali is the first proponent of the concept of data platform , Its case has more analytical significance . We can see from the panorama of Alibaba data , Alibaba's data platform includes computing and storage platforms , Data asset management , Research and development of intelligent data , Unified data center Middleware (OneService) Four modules , The top layer supports Alibaba data , Big data screen , Business advisor and other big data applications .
Alibaba data center architecture . The theory of data platform construction , Methods and practices . Full stack panorama of Ali Technology . Ali's mobile center , Business Center , Data center , Technical middle ground . Ali technology platform base , Ali's technology accumulation for many years .
Data center to help enterprises manage Omni channel data in a unified way , Visual data analysis , Realize data driven fine operation , Second level processing , Safe and reliable , Private deployed data center , Let enterprises fully activate business growth , Improve business performance .
Data center is an effective way to solve the existing problems / Business and data precipitation of new information system , It is to realize data enabling new business , The middle of new applications , Supporting platform .