algorithm flow chart

Design algorithm is the core of programming . To represent an algorithm , It can be done in different ways . Natural language is commonly used , flow chart , Pseudo code ,PAD Pictures, etc . This is illustrated with specific graphic symbols , Graph representing algorithm , It is called algorithm flow chart . Algorithm flow chart includes traditional flow chart and structure flow chart .
Flow chart is a graphical description of algorithm , The flow chart can clearly describe the idea and process of the algorithm .
Well known algorithms , Is the core of programming . There are different ways to represent the algorithm , One of the common is the flow chart , It is also called program block diagram .
The algorithm represented by graph is the flow chart . Flowcharts are diagrams that represent various types of operations , Write the steps in the box , Then connect them with lines with arrows , To indicate the order of execution .
How to draw the algorithm flow chart ? Algorithm flow chart is often encountered in learning , The results are calculated according to the flow direction , It's easy to calculate .