Active directory map

Active Directory (Active Directory) Is facing Windows Standard Server,Windows Enterprise Server as well as Windows Datacenter Server Directory service for . The active directory service is Windows Server 2000 One of the central components of the operating system platform . Understanding active directory for understanding Windows Server 2000 The overall value of is very important . This introduction to the concepts and technologies involved in active directory services describes the purpose of active directory , An overview of its working principle is provided , It also summarizes the key business and technical convenience provided by the service for different organizations and institutions .
Microsoft Active Directory Service is Windows Core components of the platform , It provides a powerful means for users to manage the identification and relationship of various elements in the network environment .
Active Directory (Active Directory) It mainly provides the following functions :
① Server and client computer management : Manage server and client computer accounts , All servers and client computers join domain management and implement group policy .
② User service : Manage user domain accounts , User information , Corporate address book ( Integration with e-mail system ), User group management , User authentication , User authorization management, etc , Implement group management strategy by province .
③ resource management : Managing printers , Network resources such as file sharing service .
④ Desktop configuration : System administrators can centrally configure various desktop configuration policies , as : Restrictions on user's access to resources in the domain , Limitation of interface function , Application execution characteristics restrictions , Network connection restrictions , Security configuration restrictions, etc .
⑤ Application system support : Supporting Finance , personnel matters , E-mail , Enterprise information portal , office automation , patch management , Anti virus system and other application systems .